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    Have you attended a writers� conference? Here�s why you may want to consider adding someone to your calendar.

    A writers� conference is really a think tank for authors to construct on each other�s ideas and inspire new achievements in their own personal work. To the cost of lodging and registration, the payoff for attending a writers� conference might be tremendous.

    Book Promotion
    Attending a writers� conference provides you with the opportunity to pitch your book, find out about the various publishing options and meet book editors, agents, and book marketing specialists. Should your book is few months or a year from being finished, you'll be able to speak with people who have valuable input on shaping your book. In a writers� conference, you�ll get all kinds of advice that may help you wrap assembling your project once you go back home.

    Obviously, you will want to get ready for any writers� conference you attend by having a plan of what you would like to discover along with what you are going to do while there. I suggest you develop an �elevator pitch� regarding your book that one could deliver in Half a minute. Have a one-pager obtainable with your book cover, author headshot, short 50-word synopsis, short bio, website link, Twitter handle and your contact information. You will never know who you�ll meet so be prepared for that moment!

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